Solar Eclipse-Permission slips went home yesterday for Monday's solar eclipse. All students will be given a pair of approved eclipse glasses. Students who bring their signed permission slip to their Enrichment teacher by Monday, will be allowed to participate in Monday afternoon's activity. Those who do not receive permission will participate in an alternate activity in the auditorium. More information in regards to the activity and safety will be shared closer to Monday.  

Orchestra Practice Club- If you are a current 6th grade orchestra student, then practice club is for you!  Come down to the orchestra room Wednesdays after school for extra help and practice time.  

Art Club- Are you interested in the arts?  Do you want to create more than you are right now?  Then Art Club is the club for you! Forms can be found in the front office or in rm 001 (Miss Hohman Art).  We will be working together once a week until Fall Break, and then again after winter break! 

Club Generations-If you are interested in spending time with older generations, please see Mrs. Stanfield in room 208 before the end of the week to receive   important information about joining Club Generations. Club Generations meets after school on Wednesdays with the first meeting of the year on Wednesday, August 23rd. Each week, we will leave from Sunnyside and walk to either The Springs or St. Mary's Healthcare facilities to visit with these remarkable people. Activity Bus will be available to students who need it.   

4H-Hey Sunnysiders, if you like crafts, games, heathy living, and lots of great life experiences you might be interested in the Sunnyside 4H club.  This club is home to a great variety of activities –this year we’re starting off with rope-based climbing systems and will be producing our own music videos –just to name a few!  We take lots of field trips, play lots of fun “ice-breaker” style games, and have a great time going out and doing community service projects.  If this sounds like something for you, come to our call out meeting TODAY in the Upper Cafeteria from after school until 5:30.  Rides can pick you up off of the Cason Street entrance.  If you cannot get a ride home from the meeting, you’re always welcome to stay until 4:20 and take the school’s Activity Bus home –just arrange these things with your parents ahead of time.  For any questions about the club see Mr. Hoefer in room 04. 

Game Club-The Broncho Game club will begin meeting every Wednesday after school until 5:30 in the upper cafeteria starting August 23rd.  This club supports board games, card games, tabletop war games, roleplaying games and virtually any NON-ELECTRIC form of gaming.  All students are welcome to come to the club at any point throughout the year so long as they have arranged things ahead of time with their parents.  Students that need to can leave the club at 4:20 to get on the Activity Bus.  See Mr. Hoefer  in room 004 if you have any questions. 

All Pro Dads-Our first All Pro Dads Breakfast of the year will be tomorrow at 7:00 AM in the cafeteria.  This month we will be serving pancakes, fruit, milk and juice between 7:00 and 7:30 followed by a short program/activity. Dads, step-dads, uncles, grandpas, etc. are welcome to attend with your Sunnyside students.  

6th Grade Football-season is right around the corner. Games are held at Jeff High. Sunnyside students can attend for $1. Teachers can enter for free by showing their LSC ID. Go Bronchos! 

Thank you for sharing this morning’s announcements. Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Helpful, and choose to live the Broncho way today and every day, and let’s make it a great day at Sunnyside!